10 Printing Tips Before You Print!

by Alan on  December 29, 2015 |

1 Make sure your artwork/images/illustrations are high resolution.

2 Make sure your images are CMYK and not RBG.

3 Specify all special colours.

4 Make sure you are using the right material for your product.

5 Plan the finished product before deciding how you will print it.

6 Plan your product size around a flat paper size which doesn’t always mean the usual A sizes.

7 Remember some colours need more thought – how do you obtain a rich black for instance?

8 Consider the colours you are using has some colours don’t print well out of the process system.

9 Consider the finished look and any extra finishes you wish to put onto your product. Spot varnishes, laminations, foil blocking and embossing for instance.

10 Consider how your product is going to reach your audience and the add-on’s required to achieve this aim.


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