5 Reasons Why Print Is More Valuable Than Digital

by Alan on  November 16, 2015 |

1 People spend more time looking at print than digital content with longer attention spans reading information from printed material whilst only scanning digital content. Readers spend 27 minuets on average reading a B2B publication whilst only 50% of readers get halfway through an article on line. 

2 People are much more likely to have an emotional response to print. According to Advantage and Kantar, 74% of B2B readers take positive action as a result of reading content from a publication. This could be making a booking, making an enquiry, purchasing a product or visiting a website. It builds curiosity, interest and its physical. 

3 People recall information faster and are more confident of their knowledge when they have read print content. 

4 People prefer print to digital giving print a more desirability and a longer shelf life – people are more likely to save a piece of print for another day. 

5 People see print as having a higher value offering permanence and implicit trust.

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