Brilliant Print Marketing

by Alan on  September 8, 2016 |

1 Boxes with boxes – Durable boxes made to last using of e-fluted corrugated board. Printed in bright colours to attract the audience and printed digitally die cut to shape and made up. The beauty of these boxes they can all be made up without gluing required.

2 Carlsberg multi pack carton – Printed digitally with a stunning Gold and great contrast between the different whites on a folding box board. Die cut and made up for presentation.

3 Who can miss this? You know when the Red Arrows are coming through your town with this stunning piece of advertising on their vehicle. And you know you have made it when your daughter see’s it and shouts out “My daddy did that”.

4 A brilliant piece of marketing. When this first came out there was a sticker on the box for the postage, the box was larger than need to be and was made up. Know the postage is printed on to the box saving a process; the box can be made up easily by the workers saving storage and has had a change of size that saves on production costs. All without loosing it’s identity, brand and delivering its recipes and spices. – 07917757467


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