Hearing dogs Christmas Catalogue

Hi Alan
The creative/printing process at Hearing Dogs has been in tatters for years! Many different art workers/ designers being used by all different department with a shed load of printer briefed by people who don’t have a clue about any areas of design and print.

I am now trying to change all that and appoint two preferred suppliers who will both become experts in our corporate id and printing requirement and we will only use these two on an on-going basis in order to secure good prices, a long lasting relationship with outfits that understand our brand/corp id, and who we can trust!!!

I wondered if you would like to start on this project with us?

If so, I will send you over our brand id and hope that you could get to know it over the coming months so that we can start to get a consistent professional look to all our communications materials.

Let me know your thoughts. Nikki

Thanks very much. I think that this looks marvellous. You’ve done a cracking job in no time and we really appreciate it.



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