it's what our clients say that counts!

Hi Ade
The creative/printing process at Hearing Dogs has been in tatters for years! Many different art workers/designers being used by all different department with a shed load of printer briefed by people who don’t have a clue about any areas of design and print.

I am now trying to change all that and appoint two preferred suppliers who will both become experts in our corporate id and printing requirement and we will only use these two on an on-going basis in order to secure good prices, a long lasting relationship with outfits that understand our brand/corp id, and who we can trust!!!

I wondered if you would like to start on this project with us?

If so, I will send you over our brand id and hope that you could get to know it over the coming months so that we can start to get a consistent professional look to all our communications materials.

Let me know your thoughts.


  “This is the first time I have worked with you and I just wanted to say thanks so much for all your work – really impressed.” Jess Soper – Sarah Raven Publishing

“Over the past five years working with TDF we have found them thoroughly professional, flexible and fun to work with, always delivering great results for our literature which goes down really well at events.”

Squadron Leader Jon Trott – Red Arrows Team Manager

“Wow!! Blown away with the design and quality of the new magazine style – can’t wait to print it off and have a good read through.” Susan Lewis – The Horse Trust

Hi Alan
“Apologies for not getting back to you sooner – been on holiday.

Anyhow, a big thank you getting the calendar in before Easter. And, as per norm it looks great with that just hint of change from last year”.
Best, John – John Harris Sales, Marketing and Business Development Kew Publishing

“Amazing thank you Ade, I knew I could rely on you, J will send this on for approval”.
Nicola Short Communications & Marketing Manager RAFA

“The Design Factory is quite simply much more than a graphic design and print company. Alan and Adrian have supported and motivated The Horse Trust to modernise and expand their thoughts on, not just promotional material, but in how to promote income awareness and generation, gain supporter confidence in our work through the communication of our key messages and the value of our work to the horse community through exceptional designs and products.

Their immediate grasp of the charity sector and their understanding of our limited resources to fulfil our objectives have been accommodated and Alan’s patience and willingness to listen and consider our requirements have been a large part of what makes the Design Factory unique. They have supported our need to think out the box in terms of expanding our range of support material and fundraising techniques and at all times have maintained the ethos and profile of our charity.

The Trust’s promotional material forms parts of a much wider package of marketing techniques but plays its vital part in encouraging new supporters and donations and promoting the charity’s brand awareness in a very difficult financial climate.

The Design Factory is a cost effective, professional consultancy that has depth, understanding, imagination, innovation and empathy and always gets the job done on time to the highest possible standards.

Susan Lewis – The Horse Trust